Can we fight the Tories now? Please?

You know what? I’m so sick of this.

I joined the Labour Party inspired by Jeremy Corbyn, and the fact that he represented a new way of doing politics that worked towards a society that was there for everybody and in which people are cared for. He still inspires me, and so does the vast membership we have built who all want to work for real change in our society. We are all still very much on board.

But in the eighteen months since then a small number of people in the Party, including our own Deputy Leader and a large number of Labour MPs have taken every opportunity to attack and try to destroy that vision and that ideal, simply because they think they know better than Jeremy and me and the vast majority of Labour members, and because they think that that justifies any level of vicious and underhand attacks on their own leader and on those who have been inspired by him.

I live in Richmond, South West London. I wasn’t at last week’s Richmond Momentum meeting, but I know a lot of people who were. They are the most upstanding, moral, caring and ethical people you could ever hope to meet. They care about how this country treats people and they care about how we all treat one another. They are trying in all earnestness to help build a better country and a better world in which we all care for one another. Some of them have been in the party for decades. Others have been energised into joining in the last two years. All are in the Labour Party and all were at that meeting for the right reasons. They have become victims of what looks like a pre-planned Machiavellian plot by Tom Watson, working with the Guardian and very possibly at least one person from our own local Labour Party to try to discredit Momentum as an evil entryist organisation, to attack many of his own members, and to try to interfere with the Unite leadership election.

That some people in our party wage war on their own members in this way is not OK. It is not OK that other MPs such as Jess Philips and other members of the Progress and Labour First factions have also weighed in with their own bucketloads of bile. I’m just so sick of this. I’m sick of the duplicity, the aggression and the deliberate slandering of those who support Jeremy Corbyn and who are in good faith trying to build a better country. My God – over the last eighteen months we have been falsely labelled thugs, trots, anti-semitic, entryist, and all kinds of other insults, all done with the help and co-operation of their newspaper mates. Jeremy has been attacked time and time again by his own MPs, and so have we all. This simply has to stop and it has to stop now.

To all members of the Parliamentary Labour Party who think that they have to spend their whole time and energy just trying to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn at all costs against the wishes of the membership, I say this. If you can’t be constructive and support our leader and the membership and our efforts to get a true Labour government elected, then please keep quiet and stop deliberately trying to harm the party and our prospects of improving society in pursuit of your own narrow right wing agenda. And if you can’t at least keep quiet, then for the love of God just go.


7 thoughts on “Can we fight the Tories now? Please?

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  2. Jane Stone

    I to are sick of the slanderous attacks on Jeremy Corbyn we must stand together to stop the Tories on what they are doing to our society,all I want is a fairer country for us all and also to stop blaming other for the very serious situation that we are all in .Lets show the world that we do care for everyone.


  3. D Leggett

    Wholeheartedly with you! Really tired of it all particularly that toxic Tom Watson and his pals. My local CLP Facebook page has only about 60 signed up to it and it seems to me that the majority in this area are against Corbyn. I have only posted one comment but got trolled immediately. I just don’t understand these vile people and their lack of vision or even just common courtesy. I just wish JC would get rid of the right wing destroyers before it’s too late. Can’t there be a referendum by the party of the members as to the deselecting of these troublemakers?


  4. Ruth Drummond

    Spot on in everything you say. I’m sick and tired of slurs against us, the ones getting behind and supporting Jeremy. Enough


  5. Jay Holmes

    Spot on. Although it’s not in his nature, it’s time for Jeremy to remove the velvet glove and use the iron fist. The greatest threat to a JC led government is not the Tories who are showing greater ineptitude daily but ‘the enemy within’. From Tom Watson, a significant number of the PLP and the Progress, Labour First, Saving Labour et al, along with the so called grandees Blair, Mandleson, Campbell etc. Beyond time to draw a line in the sand. Enough is enough and if the drip, drip, drip of attack, division and insults is not blocked v soon, the damage will be irreversible



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